Chico California Photographer: Six Years...

Well -- it is Tuesday and I am waist deep in editing right now. So I have a quick post today -- just a little something fun for you. Kenny and I celebrated six years of marriage this past week. Wow -- I can hardly believe that it has been six years. We both feel like it has gone so fast, yet SO much has happened as well. I guess I want all of you to know that marriage is life changing. I am such an advocate for marriage -- such a believer in this great thing that God has created for us! Maybe this is why I love being a wedding photographer. Weekend, after weekend, I watch other people commit to this and I know their lives will never be the same. My life has been changed, for the better, because of this beautiful thing called marriage.

So cheers to my amazing, (and good looking) husband and to the God who put us together. I am forever grateful.

Here's a "self-timed" photo from our date night on Friday. We went to 5th Street Steak House and enjoyed a delicious dinner. Save your pennies for this great restaraunt!