Chico California Wedding Photographer: Paul and Bethany

I woke up to pouring rain and pretty crazy winds on the day of this wedding. I prayed that God would somehow clear the skies as I put on the warmest wedding attire that I had. When we got to TJ Farms that day, the weather was still intense. Bethany had decided to move all the days events into the small barn at TJ Farms -- and so we started there.Yet, the day moved forward and the wind started to calm, and just as we were about to begin the first look, the rain stopped. Yes, completely stopped and did not start again. By four o clock that evening, the sun had come out. A miracle indeed! Bethany and Paul were amazing -- they were patient and calm and beautiful! I am so grateful to show you some of their wedding photos here. I hope you will see their love and personalities and beauty shine through in these photos. What an amazing day! Thank you Bethany and Paul, Thank you so much!

Cheers to Bethany and Paul! I am headed south for another wedding this weekend and couldn't be more excited!

Don't you just love all her details? Bethany, you are gorgeous!

Melinda, with M Creations, did a fabulous job, once again, in creating beautiful masterpieces for the wedding.

Each Bridesmaid, held a different bouquet, made up of the concepts in Bethany's bouquet. So beautiful!

Paul, you are wonderful.

A view of both Paul and Bethany, minutes before seeing each other...

The first look...

Because of the weather, the ceremony was moved inside this barn, which made for some pretty tight quarters. I would have to say, it added an element of intimacy and warmth, that seemed perfect for Paul and Bethany.

The reception had all of the traditional elements, yet was totally down to earth.

Their first dance, followed by many others...

Again, I can't say it enough. I work with the most amazing clients. ever. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love!